Root Canal

Root Canal Treatments Near Me

A root canal can save your infected tooth. Treat your infection as soon as possible to avoid tooth loss and other threats to your overall health.

Root Canal Treatment Without Fear

We understand the fear that’s common with a root canal procedure. Our technology and sedation options help you experience a comfortable treatment.

Be aware of the signs and symptoms that you could benefit from a root canal.

  • Your tooth is painful as a result of decay or disease.
  • You experience prolonged sensitivity to heat, cold, or pressure.
  • Your tooth either has a large cavity or has become discolored.
  • Your gums are infected or swollen.

A tooth-saving procedure

A root canal prevents your tooth infection from worsening and damaging your surrounding bone and gum tissue. The infected core (pulp) is removed and reshaped to strengthen the remaining tooth structure.

Root canal treatment is common. The treatment experience is similar to having a tooth filled.

  • The area of treatment is numbed, and a sedation method is also available to you during treatment.
  • The diseased area (pulp) of your tooth is removed and cleaned.
  • Healing material (gutta-percha) is put in and then a temporary crown is put on top of the area that has been treated.
  • Following a healing period, your temporary filling is replaced with a permanent crown.

Important post-op care for your root canal

  • For about an hour after your procedure, avoid chewing on your temporary crown and the area of treatment.
  • Keep your crown in place by avoiding hard or sticky foods.
  • Brush and floss routinely.
  • Follow the instructions for any antibiotics that are prescribed.
  • Use any recommended pain medication for persistent pain or discomfort that occurs post-treatment.
  • Reduce swelling or discomfort by rinsing your mouth with warm salt water if necessary and as directed.
  • Contact your Boston dentist if you experience increased discomfort or sensitivity or if your crown feels uneven.

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