Can I Eat Ice Cream After a Tooth Extraction

Depending on the severity of tooth damage and decay, teeth may need to be extracted and replaced to help preserve overall oral health and stability. Though teeth extraction itself can be relatively uncomfortable, there are fortunately numbing agents that are used that can help make the experience much more tolerable.

However, once teeth have been extracted and the numbing medications slowly wear off, you may begin to experience a return of uncomfortable sensations and overall sensitivity of the gums and teeth. Along with this, gums may become swollen and inflamed as a result of the healing process that occurs over the next few days after a tooth has been extracted.

To combat this sensitivity and discomfort, and to help reduce swelling, many people will often turn to cold foods like ice cream to help alleviate the pain and bring down swelling. Though technically any cold food item can be used, ice cream is a favorite post tooth extraction snack for obvious reasons.

So if you ever have a tooth extracted, know that ice cream can be not only a delicious little treat, but also a powerful tool to help reduce pain and swelling.

Is Ice Cream Good After Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Ice cream and any other soft, cold foods are perfect after a wisdom tooth extraction, not only because it’s easy to eat, but also because the cold nature of ice cream can help clamp down blood vessels around the site of an extracted tooth and thereby reduce swelling. Ice cream can also help bring down pain and sensitivity, making the next few days after a wisdom tooth extraction much more bearable.

What Ice Cream is Good For Tooth Extraction

In general, you should stick to just plain soft ice cream that is free of any candies, cookies, gummies, or any other toppings that may be hard to chew. Also, ice cream sandwiches and popsicles should also be avoided as they too can be difficult to bite down on, and can exacerbate pain. Lastly, overly sweet ice cream should also be avoided as the higher sugar content can just be bad for the overall health of your normal teeth.

Does Ice Cream Help Swollen Gums

Any cold beverage or food, including ice cream, can drastically reduce swollen gums. This is because cold foods or just using a cold compress can help constrict blood vessels that supply the gums, reducing the amount of blood flow and therefore the amount of swelling.

Ice packs are also a great way to reduce swollen gums if you don’t have a sweet treat near by, but eating ice cream has the same effect and is probably more enjoyable than holding a clump of ice to your face. For more information on tooth extraction including wisdom tooth extraction, please visit our dentists in Wilmington MA.

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